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About Us – V9 Academy


Welcome to CV9 Football Academy,

Since I was a player, I had a desire to set up a community football academy for children and young adults. Not for business purpose, the reason is I love children. When I see the football passion in them, it reminisces my childhood time. Therefore, this was a great motivation for me to establish CV9 Football Academy today.

I love children as much as the path of building dreams and inspiring them. I hope that with this CV9 academy, we will build dreams and human values together. It’s not simply football, but also is how to become a good individual through teamwork and players’s attitude whether losing or winning. At CV9 academy, beside physical training, students can learn how to become a good person for family and society as well.

Moreover, beside the technical aspects, we also concern on the learning environment. All of our students will be training in the best international school in Vietnam such as RMIT, Wellspring, etc to ensure the best environment.

We will follow the learning process of the students weekly to find out whoever is qualified for the level of professional player after a period of training, then we will directly help them to achieve their dreams.

They are future generations that are needed to take a good care to become the useful gifts for the family and society. I believe with my love as well as my professional experience that will guide and bring out the best to them.

Thank you for your trust and interest to CV9 Football Academy. Hope everything goes well for you all!


The CV9 football academy was founded by Le Cong Vinh, a former head of Vietnam national football team and invested as well as operated by Media Ball Company Ltd. As a former player, Le Cong Vinh has paid special attention to the development and nourishment of young talents in order to look for the raw pearls and support children from the age of 6 to 15 years, those who are dreaming of practicing and playing in a professional and civilized environment with the international standards.

In CV9 Football Academy, students will be trained in a civilized environment with facilities and training curriculum in accordance with the international standards.

In addition, students will also be using uniforms and learning tools from the famous Japanese sports brand – Mizuno. To ensure the health of our students, CV9 Football Academy also cooperates with Wecare247 such that medical nurses are available all the time while they are learning and playing.

CV9 Football Academy also invites Australian former national player Marshall Soper to collaborate as a technical director and training instructor for the academy. In addition, CV9 Community Football Academy will be trained by both foreign and domestic coaches who are carefully selected for pedagogy and professional ethics. In particular, female player Nguyen Thi Kim Hong of Vietnam women’s football team will be one of the coaches to train at CV9 Academy.

In addition, students of the CV9 Football Academy will regularly meet with national and international players to learn and improve their playing skills as well as personality to become a big player. Beside the development of soccer skills and physical development, we pay high attention to emotions, moral education and behavior of practitioners as well.

For more information, please call CV9 Community Football Academy’s hotline: 0903902738 for more details.


All students of CV9 football academy will be trained at the international schools with modern facilities and international standards.